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  • Every Last One - 4-part horror crime miniseries

  • A Long Time Coming - vampire graphic novel

  • The Wolf's Path - kid's graphic novel repped by Crescent Literary

Blue Ocean Entertainment (2020-)

  • 1 x LEGO Spider-Man

  • 3 x LEGO Avengers comics

  • 2 x LEGO Dreamzz

  • 20 x LEGO Jurassic World comics

  • 6 x LEGO Disney Princess comics

  • 24 x LEGO Ninjago comics

KE Comics (2020-)

  • Co-writer 5 x Beats of War, sci-fi superhero mini-series

  • Co-writer TBA Beats of War graphic novel​ (2024)

BHP Comics (2014-)

  • Co-lead on BOLD project – developing, plotting and script editing 4 new IPs released in 2022 - Storm Hunter, Principle, Losers' Club, Agents of MI7. Funded by Creative Scotland. Mentorship programme with underrepresented writers and artists.

  • 3 x graphic novels, Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles (SICBA award winning – best comic 2014)


Kino Bino Studio (2020-22)

  • 3-min education animation on periods for

  • 9-min of audio clips for museum object interaction for National Trust

  • 2-min audio tour introduction for National Trust

  • 4-min project overview animation for National Trust

One Shot Studios (2024-)

  • Co-developing 'Near Fall' - British wrestling documentary series

Hey Daisy Moon productions (2017)

  • Development on pitch bible for ‘Storm Kids’


Blue Ocean Entertainment (2022)

  • 1 x LEGO Duplo Jurassic World pre-school story

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