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A supernatural serial killer is on the loose. A rookie detective and a telepath are on the case. Join the hunt


Help bring this 4-issue miniseries to life when our Kickstarter for issue one launches in Spring 2024.

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Plot synopsis

People are being slain across the globe. People who share a dark secret.

Inspector Ronnie Lang is on the case when a victim is discovered in the west of Glasgow, Scotland. Ronnie's a street thug turned officer of the law. And way out of his depth.

Facing mounting pressure from judgemental colleagues, Ronnie finds a partner in Kay Anderson. She’s a troubled young orphan with special abilities of her own. Kay can read people’s minds and control their actions. But as aimless binge drinking pulls her down a bad path, it’s clear the only actions she can’t control are her own.

Ronnie and Kay set off on a dangerous journey to stop the killer before he slays every last one of his targets.

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Every Last One written and created by Gary Chudleigh, edited by Jack Lothian, art by Dani Coloma,

letters by Rob Jones, design by Kirsty Hunter

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