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'Beats of War' issue one complete

'An alien planet ravaged by robot invaders. A city on Earth plagued by crime. Their only hope: a hero from beyond the stars.'

What an intro, eh? This super sexy synopsis is for Beats of War, a sci-fi superhero series I'm writing and producing for KE Comics.

Issue one is now in the can (whatever can that may be) and I can't wait for it to be available this summer.

This project so far has been a blast to work on. I'd like to thank the amazing Ben Wilsonham for doing a sterling job on the art, Rob Jones on lettering and, of course, the creator of Beats of War, Etienne Kubwabo. Writing for other people's IPs is like playing with their toys in a sandpit. Thanks for giving me a damn cool sandpit, Etienne.

Keep your eyes peeled for news on when you can grab a copy.


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