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Plagued volume 3 Kickstarts this April

The third and final chapter in the award-winning graphic novel series, Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles, goes live on Kickstarter this April.

Kickstarter backers will have the chance to fund production of the book and get some fantastic rewards in return, including exclusive prints, signed copies of the script, and the chance to have a cameo in the book.

Published by BHP Comics - Scotland’s leading comics and graphic novels publisher - Plagued is perfect for tweens, young adults and adults who like sci-fi and fantasy adventure stories.

The book follows a rebel witch Miranda, who teams up with a former witch hunter to cure a worldwide sickness using magic, all while fighting against an evil corporation that rules the world.

Volume 3 will be the explosive finale in which Miranda and a coven of witches go to war against a villain determined to destroy everyone in his path.

Volume 1 and 2 are currently available to buy in all good book stores across the UK, North America, Amazon and the BHP store.

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