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Plagued volume 1 spreads to bookstores nationwide

I’m thrilled to reveal that Volume 1 of the series I co-created, Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles, will land in bookstores across the UK in May 2018, following a deal between its publisher, BHP Comics, and Turnaround Publisher Services - the book shop distributer.

BHP Comics is the first Scotland based graphic novel publisher to sign with Turnaround, and will see the company launch 8 new books in 2018, alongside Plagued Volume 1.

Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles is a series about a rebel witch, a turncoat witch-hunter, and his talking dog, forming an oddball alliance to cure a plague and fight an evil corporation that has seized control of the world.

Volume 2 – the eagerly awaited follow-up to the award-winning Volume 1 - is currently open for backing on Kickstarter until November 30th, with rewards including original artwork, a print by Doctor Who artist, Neil Slorance and the opportunity to get a cameo appearance drawn in by its award-winning artist, Tanya Roberts.

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