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Thought Bubble 2015 report

Nothing makes a Monday more dire than experiencing a brilliant convention the weekend before it, and that’s exactly what Thought Bubble 2015 has burdened me with.

I attended the convention as an exhibitor along with my dear friends at ‘Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles’ publisher, BHP Comics, and had one hell of a weekend.

At Thought Bubble, I did the usual convention tropes – meeting your twice a year friends you see only at random conventions; meeting new ones you’ve seen pop up on social media a few times; talking utter nonsense with fellow comic fans; and of course, trying to hide munching down a sandwich and crisps from behind the exhibitor table.

However, the highlight for this con, and for every other, is hearing feedback from fans who have bought my comics and introducing new readers to my work. Nothing makes the process of writing a comic more worth it than knowing someone has enjoyed what you’ve worked hard to create. It’s a fantastic feeling.

But alas, it is always over so fast! And as Thought Bubble rounds off convention season for me, that final quality to it has made this Monday even more melancholic.

I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who stopped by our table and to my fellow comic colleagues I’ve chatted with over the weekend – it’s been a blast!

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