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Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles volume 1 available for pre-order!

I’m excited beyond belief to announce that the very first trade paperback of my award-winning series, Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles, is now available for pre-order!

Scheduled for release on the 18th of March, this book collects issue 1-3 along with some exclusive never before seen bonus material, all for only £8.99.

I can’t wait for the day of its release. Me and the entire creative team have put months and months of hard work into this series and it will be a monumental achievement on the day it comes out.

I’d like to thank the guys at BHP, artist Tanya Roberts and letterer Colin Bell for bringing this story to life and making this fantastic collection possible.

I’d also like to especially thank all of the Plagued fans who have bought our issues and artwork over the past few years. Without you guys, this wouldn’t be possible.

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